Judy Bowlby

Client for 15 Years.

The Backstory

The Bowlby’s were seeking a professional accounting firm to handle their yearly tax preparations. They wanted a company that had a stellar reputation, but more importantly they want to establish a long-term relationship with someone they could trust with their personal financial information.

The Solution

Enter Virginia Badger. She is exactly what the Bowlby’s were looking for – a trusted accountant with integrity, professionalism and insight into all aspects of tax preparation and planning.

“Virginia takes the time to listen and understand our issues,” said Judy Bowlby. “I don’t know who else I would trust or where else I could go.”

Judy said she appreciates the fact that Virginia always has time to talk to her and she never feels like she’s being rushed.

“She’s truly interested in you and asks about your kids and family,” Judy added. “She’s a real friend.”

The Outcome

The Bowlby’s relationship with Acuity and Virginia grows stronger every year.  “Tax season is not a dreaded thing for us,” Judy explained. “It is always easy and never painful.”

When asked who they would recommend to assist other families with their annual tax preparations, Judy said there would be no hesitation.

“I would absolutely recommend Acuity to anyone.”