PremierComm LLC

Client for 15 Years.

The Backstory

Walk through PremierComm’s spacious offices in downtown Lancaster and what stands out is the artwork. Many of them feature a single or repeating image of a picnic table.

Why a picnic table? It represents the spot where Daryl Heller and his business partner first etched out their plan for what is now a leading provider of advanced collaboration technology solutions.

“It sounds cliché, but we are a technology solutions provider,” said Heller. “In our preferred customer profiles, we assess business needs, review existing technology roadmap and then architect a plan to leverage technology, enhance operating performance and drive efficiencies under a return on investment philosophy.”

As Heller’s picnic table plan evolved over the years, his need for both visionary thinking as well as practical accounting lead him to Acuity for his financial planning.

The Solution

Acuity selected two advisors perfectly suited to complement each other while supporting Heller’s unique needs.

Randy [Sensenig] and Steve [Hibshman] bring a great deal of value,” said Heller.  “Steve is the creative force while Randy is more practical and pragmatic in his recommendations.  They are a real yin and yang, which is unique to this county, and drives the differentiation from their peers.  This is appealing for us at PremierComm and is desirable within our merger and acquisition strategy and general business challenges.”

The Outcome

Having a one-two punch partnership with Acuity has allowed Heller to dream big while still keeping an eye on the bottom line to manage growth and protect his future.

“There is a comfort level where they each play and they respect those boundaries,” Heller added. “They know how to create win-win solutions and build rapport and credibility with people. Knowing you have both disciplines at your disposal is of huge value”