Stauffers of Kissel Hill

Donovan Oberholtzer, President and Darryl Miller, Controller of Stauffers of Kissel Hill and Randy Sensenig

Client for 20+ Years.

The Backstory

As one of the mostly widely-recognized and highly-respected companies in Lancaster County, Stauffers of Kissel Hill has spent the past 80 years building on its reputation and company motto of “We Delight Shoppers.” As a family-owned business they are most comfortable working with companies they know and can trust.

While finding Acuity as its partner more than 20 years ago may have been by chance, their reasons for staying are far from coincidental.

The Solution

Throughout the years, Acuity has continued to grow and expand to support the every-changing needs of its clients.

“What I look for is a local, professional firm with bench strength. As our company has grown, Acuity has provided the services we need,” said Donovan Oberholtzer. “We haven’t outgrown each other.”

Because of its familiarity with its business practices and philosophy, Acuity keeps Stauffers ahead of the curve in terms of deadlines and regulatory compliance.

“They are very proactive,” said Darryl Miller. “They see what’s coming and help us prepare for it.”

The Outcome

Much like Stauffers of Kissel Hill, Acuity continues to delight its client by finding new and inventive ways to help keep Stauffers financially sound.

“What’s changed is what hasn’t changed,” said Oberholtzer. “We’ve been working with the same people for many years and their advice is grounded and trustworthy. That kind of continuity adds a lot of value.”