Our Team


Randy Sensenig, CPA

Partner, Business Services

Mike Peachey, CPA

Partner, Ag & Agri-Business Services

Steve Hibshman, CPA

Managing Partner, Consulting Services


Clayton Suydam, CPA

Director of Firm Management

Sherie Fulmer, CPA

Director, Business Services


Phil Immediato, CPA

Consultant, Consulting Services

Duane Hess, CPA, CVA

Consultant, Consulting Services

Senior Manager

Kendall Ruth, CPA

Senior Manager, Ag & Agri-business Services


Crystal Gibble, CPA

Manager, Business Services

Deb High, CPA

Manager, Business Services

Chad Fox, CPA

Manager, Ag & Agri-business Services


Lacy Galambos, CPA

Supervisor, Business Services

Audrey Landis, CPA

Supervisor, Ag & Agri-business Services

Adam Ranck, CPA

Supervisor, Ag & Agri-business Services

Tammy Mearig

Supervisor, Payroll and Business Services

Senior Accountants

Megan Southard

Senior Accountant, Business Services

Kathy Zehr, CPA

Senior Accountant, Ag & Agri-business Services

L. Greg Sharp, CPA

Senior Accountant, Tax and Business Services

Heather Maillis

Senior Accountant, Business Services

Tax Consultant

Peter Byrne, EA

Tax Consultant, Tax Services

Staff II Accountants

Mitchell Denlinger

Staff II Accountant, Ag & Agri-business Services

Cheryl Studenroth

Staff II Accountant, Business Services

Mandy Byrne

Staff II Accountant, Payroll Services

Staff I Accountants

Kayleigh Noll

Staff I Accountant, Business Services

Zach Hurst

Staff I Accountant, Ag & Agri-business Services

Adam Swartz

Staff I Accountant, Business Services

Administrative Professionals

Becky Horn

Administrative Associate, Administrative Services

Bethanne Landis

Office Manager, Administrative Services

Molly Axe

Administrative Associate, Consulting Services

Roxanne Arechavala

Receptionist, Administrative Services