Congratulations Homestead Nutrition!

Congratulations to Homestead Nutrition on the opening of their new location! Thank you for letting some of the Acuity Team be at the ribbon cutting ceremony!

Want to Find Out What IRS Auditors Know About your Business Industry?

In order to prepare for a business audit, an IRS examiner generally does research about the specific industry and issues on the taxpayer’s return. Examiners may use IRS “Audit Techniques Guides (ATGs).” A little-known secret is that these guides are available to the public on the IRS website. In other ... read more

Job Opportunity!

Interiors Home is hiring! Check out this marvelous opportunity at an equally marvelous company!

Internship Opportunity!

Attention college students! We are excited to begin the application process for our summer internship program is open! We are getting ready for Summer 2022!

Job Opportunity!

Star Rock Farms is hiring! Check out this awesome opportunity at this wonderful company!

Possible Tax Consequences of Guaranteeing a Loan to your Corporation

What if you decide to, or are asked to, guarantee a loan to your corporation? Before agreeing to act as a guarantor, endorser or indemnitor of a debt obligation of your closely held corporation, be aware of the possible tax consequences. If your corporation defaults on the loan and you’re ... read more

Large Cash Transactions with your Business Must Be Reported to the IRS

If your business receives large amounts of cash or cash equivalents, you may be required to report these transactions to the IRS.

What are the Requirements?

Each person who, in the course of operating a trade or business, receives more than $10,000 in cash in one transaction (or two or more related ... read more

Promotions to Senior Accountants!

Promotion to Supervisor!


Congratulations to our very own Mandy Byrne on her retirement! After being with us for almost 15 years, she is ready to focus on her Etsy shop and small business! Go check her shop out if you are in need of a quilt! Her shop is called “LancasterQuiltworks”! Thank you, Mandy, ... read more