When meeting with a new client, our first priority is to learn every detail about you and your financial goals. Leaving no stone unturned gives us the ability to create a roadmap for success that exceeds your vision for your business, family and future.

We’re In No Rush…Unless You Are

Our advisors will take as much time as needed to explore and explain the various options that are available to you. We know there is no such thing as a cookie-cutter solution, which is why we tailor our recommendations to fulfill all your financial goals and help put you on the path to prosperity.

Acuity’s Consulting Services Include:

  • Business Valuation – Buying? Selling? Dividing? Our strength in business valuation includes a team of experts with the knowledge of industry-specific requirements, tax and audit implications as well as legal guidance.
  • Debt Restructuring – When faced with a looming debt, you can count on the team at Acuity to provide a solution that yields the best return for all parties. We will actively manage the debt restructuring process and deal with all your issues in an objective and timely manner for a successful outcome.
  • Financing – Acuity provides sound, trusted advice when it comes to your financial planning. Whether you are seeking a first-time loan for a new start-up or are in need of additional backing as you expand, grow or merge – our advisors will ensure you are well protected now and in the future.
  • Life Cycle Management – A business lifecycle may seem like an overused term, but when you get down to the nuts and bolts of what it means – its importance cannot be understated. Acuity takes lifecycle management very seriously and will guide you through every stage including startup, growth, prosperity and maturity.
  • Strategic Planning – Whether you’re an individual, small business owner or CFO of a large corporation, having an advocate that looks at your challenges from every angle and offers strategic recommendations allows you greater control over your destiny. With our number one goal being your success, how can you lose?
  • Succession Planning – Acuity is no stranger to succession planning. We understand the sensitivity around intergenerational family businesses and will serve as an unbiased third party, creating win-win situations for everyone involved. Acuity will give you the peace of mind needed to pass the torch and ensure a successful future for you and your family.