We know just how “personal” personal finances can be. Acuity is not just a company, but a team of people who have dedicated their professional lives to helping individuals achieve their financial goals. From tax return services to retirement planning, Acuity is completely invested in your financial success.

Acuity’s Personal Services Include:

Estate Planning – We appreciate your desire to leave a legacy on your terms. Our team of advisors will work closely with you to ensure you receive a customized estate plan that meets your goals and objectives and honors your requests.

Gift Tax – There are numerous regulations surrounding gifts to family, and they seem to be every-changing.  Acuity keeps tabs on these changes so you and your loved ones receive the maximum benefit from your lifetime gifts.

Individual Tax Services – When that time of year rolls around, be sure you enlist a trusted advisor that is current on new tax laws and asks all the right questions to ensure you receive the highest return on your hard earned dollars.

Retirement Planning – When it comes to your retirement, Acuity goes above and beyond traditional services.  Our team of advisors can assist in determining the amount you need to save to live the lifestyle you want during your retirement years.  Because we do not sell investment or life insurance products, you can be sure that our advice is unbiased and focused on your goals.